Howdy, I'm
Azeem Baloch

A young Entrepreneur & Business Enthusiast determined to challenge the problems in innovative ways.


My Capabilities

For the past two years, I’ve been perusing the startups to become stable and add value to customers life all by following high-quality frameworks that allow to capture what customer wants and achieve all the objectives with actionable plans.


Helping people reach
their goals with a clear vision.


I seek first to understand,
then to be understood.


Presenting comes naturally
to a sportsman.


What is better than busting
silos in the organization.

Laser Focus

Winning is not a sometime thing,
it is an all the time thing.


Finding good players is easy, Getting them to play as a team is another story.


My Story

Growing up in Karachi, I have seen many problems related to all sorts of domains around me. Understandably, this meant that for every problem there was an opportunity waiting. I loved everything about the experience of transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

I’m Azeem Baloch, a technology-focused business enthusiast, and entrepreneur with specific expertise in devising customer-driven strategies, platforms, and technology enhancements that ease the path to purchase and drive revenue growth.


Software Engineering
UITU Affiliated NED, Karachi, Pakistan
Sep 2016 - Dec 2020

For all the skills I've learned, programming had always been there and it never felt exhausting. I started with games. We are only here for so long, so it makes sense to love what we do! Whether our career or something more personal is what we find most passionate in our lives.

Computer Science
Gulzar-e-Hijri, Karachi, Pakistan
Sep 2013 - Sep 2016

The ability to create solutions for almost any problem related to any field in the world with the help of coding is a supreme power that I loved about computer science. I have been using computers from the very early stage of my life starting from playing games, and then trying to build one myself it made me feel good. Now, I continue to follow the incredible growth of computers, computer networks, and the Internet, and I try to be always involved.


Product Specialist
Server4Sale, Karachi, Pakistan
Oct 2020 - Present

Server4Sale aims to provide bulletproof security to businesses making sure that they face zero reputation and monetary loss.
• Agile Product Roadmap.
• Procurement of IT and Non-IT projects.
• Government Tender projects.
• Information Security services.
• Consultancy services.
• Nutritional program backed by World Bank.

Product Development Specialist
AR-GO, Karachi, Pakistan
April 2019 - Present

AR GO provides navigation in shopping malls, saving customer's time off excitingly. and giving quick access to personalized promotions through push notifications in application.
• Developed Pakistan's first Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation & Proximity Marketing Application.
• Won the best Business and Innovation Start-up award.
• Got funding from different competitions.
• Received Recognition from UBER.
• Received exposure from a wide network of investors and mentors.

Product Manager
Nitware Solutions, Karachi, Pakistan
May 2018 - Present

Niteware Solutions innovate in technology to inspire and bring advancement in the global community.
• Established company vision for the next 20 to 25 years.
• Agile Product Road map.
• Introduced high-quality frameworks and SOPs.
• Internal tasks and external customer development.
• Developed its first product Signite (Digital Signature Application).
• Worked closely with Jira/Trello for agile project development.
• Enrolled two subsidiaries in the incubation process at (NIC Karachi).

Logistic Crew
UITCS ACM Computing Society, Karachi, Pakistan
Dec 2017 - Dec 2017

UITCS ACM is a computer society thriving towards development of interest in computing and informational technology.
• Confident dealing with people outside organization.
• Learned invaluable skills that helped me shape my life.
• Helped run the logistics operations smoothly throughout the time of volunteering.


The best products

Enthusiastic about innovative ideas that can help people live better lives.
Agile Product Development 90%
Coding 60%
Design Thinking 70%

My Portfolio

My love for technology and business goes far beyond the closed rooms. I have been investing my time in all sorts of advancements related to business and technology by working with the best technology startups that bring positive change to society.

AR, Marketing
Better Tomorrow
Home of Innovators
Digital Signature
Fashion, Clothing
Reviews, Advice

My Passion

In each role I’ve held, the success of our work has relied upon everyone’s willingness and ability to come together with product managers, developers, UX designers, and other business stakeholders
and build great products and incredible user experiences.

Augmented reality​

Augmented reality sparked something in me when I thought about combining navigation with marketing to create a mesmerizing experience for customers since then I have been an active geek in exploring new possibilities in this field.

Education and Research​

Education of what counts the most is better than knowing how to count and once you have that learning it becomes natural to research. The common facts of today are the products of yesterday’s research.

Data Science & Innovation

Innovation means everything to business and there is nothing better than creating disruptive products. When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.

The Exciting Football​

My love for the football sport, in general, can not be expressed in words as somethings are meant to be felt only. When I get on the pitch the echoes of the world dampen and it’s just me and the game in that moment.

The Snippets

Powerful things are short and clearly understandable, and that’s what I believe in so, hop right in-to the snippets to find more about things that excite you!

Lean Startup Culture

1. Be a learning organization.  2. Put customers before business plan.  3. Run experiments to reduce risks.  4. Testing before executing.  5. Interact with customers to understand them deeply.   6. ...

Driving Force – Segment Centric

1. Commit to a specific segment.  2. Build a product or service required to solve myriad of problems faced by them.  3. Start by solving one problem ...


Following are some of the regularly asked questions, we only get to know each other more when we connect right! so, don’t think twice before contacting me as I did love to connect and tackle some problems together.

I am born and raised in a metropolitan area but I am from a village located at south of the Balochistan. So, yes! you can come over and we might end up going for fishing together.

Well, this one depends as, for something unique and disruptive I am all ears and sticky too so, believe me when I say this you might contact me and forget about what we discussed but I will surely follow-up on you!

Well, growing up in a third world country’s metropolitan area sure gave me daily new troubles but, I always looked at them from a different perspective so, here I am solving problems and stepping up the ladder.

No, and what kind of question is this? Do you charge when someone shares a good opportunity with you? So, no of course there are no charges for a meeting to discuss something that can change the world Duhh! 


Sindh, Pakistan

Gulshan-i-Iqbal, Karachi, 75300